Respect. Power. Success - How community works

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Thomas M. Stein

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Respect. Power. Success - How community works

For people to live and work together in harmony, respect is indispensable. Yet, we increasingly lose sight of this virtue, says Global Topspeaker Thomas M. Stein. In his capacity as a top manager in the international entertainment industry, he found that as soon as people become successful, some of them become disrespectful, too. He therefore demands: More respect! Personal stories about his career, from an apprentice in a publishing house to one of the most powerful people in the music industry, illustrate: We need to show respect to our fellow humans but we also have to demand it for ourselves. Companies where an atmosphere of respect prevails among colleagues, employees and customers are more successful than others. These companies are more efficient, reach their goals faster and offer a better service to their customers simply because they are more in sync.

Everybody demands respect but nobody is prepared to pay it – as Thomas M. Stein puts it in a nutshell. Despite all his success, he is considered to be down-to-earth, kind and caring. This is also why he calls for more respect – not only among employees, superiors and executives, but also in our daily dealings with each other. For lacking respect can quickly result in mobbing and envy. A negative atmosphere causes teams to fail and eats up the energy required for what is really important.

Dealing respectfully with each other therefore is vital as it brings about success and prestige: Only those who respect others will make progress – even if there are different points of view. And if you are successful and want to continue to be, you must never lose respect. In this context, respect is not synonymous for submissive obedience, however, but stands for equality on both sides.

Thomas M. Stein is a major player in the music business and made a name for himself in the industry. As the head of a large media corporation, he managed thousands of employees and propelled countless artists to international stardom. Yet, Thomas M. Stein also couldn’t fail to notice that some musicians he once made famous gradually lost respect – respect for their fans and finally, their self-respect. In his presentation, he explains how closely related success, prestige and respect really are. In order to be successful in the industry in the long term, companies need the same kind of relationship with their customers that artists have with their fans: a relationship based on mutual appreciation.

In his presentation, Global Topspeaker Thomas M. Stein demonstrates the interdependency between respect and success. He raises awareness for an issue of great social importance and provides sustainable impetus for mutual respect and successful cooperation.

Contents of the presentation:

  • How respect and success are mutually dependent
  • Why respect is so important - in your professional as well as in your private life
  • How we show respect to others
  • How to deal with disrespectful people
  • How to demand respect from others
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