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Who is willing to dare something new and only question their own motivation? Not only to go on holiday in a new country. Not to move to a new city. Not to try a new partner, a new job, a new sport, different food or alternative medicine? These are all changes that take play within the framework of the old life. But nothing is really new.

Bestselling author Timm Kruse found his own motivation and ventures into something new: he left our society, quit his job as a renowned TV reporter, left his family indefinitely, dissolved his apartment and sold his BMW: to follow an Indian guru around the world. As a chauffeur and luggage carrier Kruse travelled through India, Europe and America as a disciple. Always searching for the true meaning of life and the values that turn people into people.

On this journey he ventured new things with lots of self-motivation and found a different self – the person he would have become without Western society. He has created a new and reinvented self. And after a year as the guru’s chauffeur, he knew that there was something that united all people – regardless of society: the search for happiness.

Back in Germany, he found that a lot of people lack self-motivation and spiritual reference. Too much profit, too little sense. Too much to have, too little to be. Too much norm, too little against the current swimmer. Kruse noticed that the values of our society have gone off rails. The profit orientation, the sanctification of profit, the exploitation of the planet, the disregard for animal welfare, the admiration of the show-offs with their luxury cars lead to a general dissatisfaction that attacks the foundations of our community values and could bring them to collapse. What is going on in a society that no longer sanctifies the individual, but only maximizes business?

In his gripping and thought-provoking lecture, Kruse talks about the true meaning of life. About self-motivation and values that make life worth living for. Of goals that promise fulfilled life. From a life that delights the heart. Because nothing else is at stake.

Contents of lecture:

  • Full of fire and enthusiasm to inspire other humans for a new life form
  • Gripping stories beyond our everyday life’s
  • Practical tips that make life more meaningful
  • Encourage to take the first steps towards meaningfulness
  • Questioning one’s own values

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