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Rulebreaker - how new products change the world

Lecture by
Stefan Jenzowsky

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Rulebreaker - how new products change the world

Rulebreaker - how new products change the world

How are ground-breaking innovations created? Where do inventions such as the 4-wheel automobile, the looping roller coaster, the iPhone or the QWERTY keyboard come from – and why did precisely these products succeed? In the course of his professional career, Stefan Jenzowsky, expert on innovative business models and new products, has already taken scores of new products and services to their market launch. In his fascinating presentation, he talks about ingenious business ideas, their implementation – and the stories behind them.

It’s a fact that behind many trendsetting products, there are masterminds whose biographies are surprising and whose motivations are inspiring. Based on entertaining and exciting stories, the Global Topspeaker demonstrates what drives these people, what kinds of emotions guide them and how they push their ideas. Together with his audience, he also dares to venture a glimpse into the future and explains which innovative trends and visionary inventions will have an impact on our world in the years to come.

Laughed at and boycotted: products that are well-known and successful today, such as the low-cost carrier Ryanair or the cruise ship giant AIDA, were underestimated at first, – and countless obstacles were put into the founders’ way. In the end, however, their business models succeeded anyway and destroyed competitive companies in the process. Even today, the makers of tomorrow’s world are being attacked: lobbyists, taxi drivers and medical practitioners’ associations protest against the next generation of products. Lecturer Stefan Jenzowsky speaks of so-called rule breaker products: made by pioneers who vent their anger, do not give up, break rules – and are successful for these very reasons. Together with futurologist Sven Gábor Jánszky, he published a book on management strategies called „Rulebreaker” in 2011, which tells the stories behind successful new products.

However, not all visionary new products are successful: Stefan Jenzowsky also reports on those ideas that turned out to be misconceptions. He recounts the visions of the nuclear age and recalls the errors and misjudgements regarding new product developments. He illustrates which factors make up effective new products and indicates the mistakes established companies make when evaluating innovations. In his presentation, Stefan Jenzowsky spans the gamut from the invention of the automobile to the present day where inventions are accepted and established a lot quicker and on a more global scale thanks to digitisation. In a highly entertaining and inspiring way, he demonstrates which driving forces motivate people to change the world with their inventions.

Contents of the presentation:

  • The story behind the product – How trendsetting products are created
  • Now more than ever! – What are the driving forces that motivate the makers
  • Disruption as a factor for success – Why rule breaker products come out on top
  • That’s not going to work anyway! – Misjudgements made by established companies
  • Trends and the future – What kind of new products will be created thanks to digitisation

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