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SAILING TO SUCCESS: Strategies of a circumnavigator

Lecture by
Stefanie Voss

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SAILING TO SUCCESS: Strategies of a circumnavigator

SAILING TO SUCCESS: Strategies of a circumnavigator

What is the secret of success? Passionate sailing enthusiast Stefanie Voss has a simple, pragmatic answer to this exciting question: “Successful people are able to mindfully lead themselves. And that is also exactly what makes a good sailor.“ If one wants to cross the open seas, they must have a clear focus on their goals, confidence in their own capabilities, and a willingness to deal creatively with adverse circumstances.

Global Topspeaker Stefanie Voss is convinced: No matter if it’s a gale force wind or dense fog, instead of complaining about bad weather a good sailor makes the best of the existing realities, in the same way that successful people must deal constructively with difficult colleagues and complex issues at the workplace. Whether in an office or a workshop, a doctor or a teacher, successful people do not lose sight of their objectives. Even in stormy times they remain focused and calm.

Circumnavigator and successful business executive Stefanie Voss pulls from her own practical experiences. She draws parallels between stormy seas and times of change in a business organization or a market environment.

“Anyone can learn to set a clear and straight course when dealing with others.” Communications expert Stefanie Voss knows this well from her professional experience in a German DAX-rated corporation. “Those who consistently work on their individual selfleadership and personal achievements will also make valuable contributions to successful teams.

In her engaging presentations, Voss offers the principles she has learned both at sea and on land: being proactive, making clear decisions, and having a straightforward communication style make people successful. Her audiences are encouraged and inspired to take the helm in their own lives, both privately and professionally.

Contents of the presentation:

• Self-leadership, clearly defined

• Knowing your destination and planning your route accordingly

• Those that speak clearly, speak through the storm

• The (un)importance of circumstances • I am the captain of my life’s ship

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