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Events such as the terrorist attacks on the buildings of the World Trade Centre and the economic crises characterize our society and cause a feeling of insecurity. At the same time, digitalisation and new technologies are changing our general understanding of security. In uncertain times, the need for security increases drastically. But who offers security? Insurance companies offer a certain level of protection, but only if they adapt to the challenges of our constantly changing times. In a nutshell: insurance companies will only be really useful in the future if they are individual, changeable and adaptive. In his forward-looking lecture the Global Topspeaker and trend researcher Michael Carl illustrates what effects these developments will have on life and work in the future. In addition, he recommends practical strategies with which companies can create security in times of uncertainty.

The insurance industry is in a phase of upheaval. The advancing digitalization and the strongly changing security needs of customers are two of the major developments. In order to be successful in the market in the future, established insurers and brokers need new sales and distribution strategies and business models.

Global Topspeaker Michael Carl is convinced: “Adaptive products are the necessary response of insurance providers to changing customer needs. If you don’t use the possibilities of technological information now, you will disappear from the market in coming years!” Keynote Speaker Michael Carl will also show how companies can develop new business models for the future on the basis of security as an elementary human need, using the term “Economy of Uncertainty”. Especially in the areas of security, surveillance, but also in the smart home and smart building industry, new technologies like automation techniques and artificial intelligence will then be used to bring about a change in security technology.

From 2020, insurance companies should be in a position to offer each customer a totally individual and independent security service, tailored to his or her lifestyle. According to Michael Carl, the great challenge here is that digital assistance systems are individual and have their place in the smartphone and on the customer’s displays. Thanks to artificial intelligence, they understand exactly how their owners “tick” and how their needs change based on data analysis. This is “adaptive “in pure culture. The system adapts to the individual situation in fractions of a second and reacts appropriately. In this way, devices become more “human” than sellers and thus immensely dangerous.

Contents of lecture:

  • Why insurance companies, as we have known them until now, have worn out
  • What are the needs and expectations of the generation of insecurity?
  • How insurance companies can take advantage of the opportunities offered by technology and digitalisation
  • Ways to turn uncertainty into secure, forward looking business models
  • How companies will win and retain the trust of their customers in the future
  • How surveillance shapes coexistence and safety perception
  • Why the insurance industry has a great future – even though it looks completely different from the past

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