5 Sterne Redner

Service can be fun too

Lecture by
Armin Nagel

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Service can be fun too

Comedy-Redner Armin Nagel: Vortrag Service darf auch Spaß machen

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Service can be fun too

Businesses that know what their customers want are one step ahead of their competitors. With the help of the customer-benefit-perspective and various practical examples, Germany’s funniest service expert provides valuable impulses for a better service culture.

Global Top Speaker Armin Nagel, also known by his stage name Waldemar Müller, is not only a speaker, but first and foremost a man of action! In his keynote speech ‘Service can be fun!’, ‘Germany’s first service comedian’ (ZDF) sets an example by showing innovative and unconventional service sketches in his self-produced video clips. The services he tests on unsuspecting customers include a reading service, a car parking service and his very own ‘traffic-light entertainment’. The audience will see first-hand how surprised customers react to surprising service ideas.

Armin Nagel draws on more than 20 years of experience as a creative entertainer and as a customer, showing his audience what customers really want and how important it is to adopt the customer-benefit-perspective. Nagel’s credo is: working hours are hours of our life – that’s why service can be fun, too!

Contents of the talk:

  • Why do customers only get good service when they do not want it?
  • What do customers really want?
  • From corporate to service culture
  • Don’t worry, the customer only wants to play!
  • Enthusiastic employees will contribute to customer enthusiasm

As special you will see your custom-made, on-target service video clip as the highlight of the talk, and a free DVD for your guests to take home!