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Service within: how to make your employees king

Lecture by
Armin Nagel

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Service within: how to make your employees king

Service within: how to make your employees king

Employees are also customers. Providing good service within your business is essential for the creation of a respectful, lively and sustainable corporate culture.

As an expert in Cultural Studies, Global Top Speaker Armin Nagel, also known by his stage name Waldemar Müller, gets to the core of basic questions surrounding service and corporate culture: only enthusiastic employees can create customer enthusiasm. But how can I make employees fans of the company? How can I strengthen service within the company? And how can I find out not only what my customers, but also what my employees want? Which service values also apply to your business and what can businesses and managers learn from artists?

Contents of the talk:

  • Seeing one’s employees and colleagues as customers
  • Service within, respect and empathy as preconditions for a vibrant corporate culture
  • Encourage criticism – businesses need ‘court jesters’
  • Service values and the philosophy of serving
  • Good service providers ‘touch’ with emotions, humour and personality

As special you will see your custom-made, on-target service video clip as the highlight of the talk, and a free DVD for your guests to take home!