Smart mobility - how will we move around in the future?

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Today’s cars can hardly be compared to those of ten or even twenty years ago. Many technological innovations assist and support driving nowadays. Integrated communication such as multimedia centres, break assists or park distance control systems interconnect people and vehicles. Cars have become moving computers. But infrastructure as well has developed further. It has become digital. Traffic control and information systems are now part of the deal. Airplane, train and rental car can be combined virtually with one click. Car sharing models offer alternative answers to gridlock and the shortage of parking space.

What still sounds futuristic to many actually has already become the past to Global Topspeaker Kai Arne Gondlach. On a scientific basis, the congenial futurologist  analyses what our future mobility could look like. In his exciting and highly informative presentation on the mobility of the future, the Global Topspeaker addresses managers of R & D departments, those responsible in politics and industry, city planners and transport organisations.

Self-driving cars are already being promoted today. Although these systems are still in the testing stage, they are already on the verge of entering the mass markets. But what will this mean for traffic in general or even for tourism and our everyday working life? The keynote speaker explains how profoundly business models, the working world as well as our private life will change. Against the backdrop of cities and metropolitan areas reaching the physical limits of infrastructure, Gondlach says: „Mobility must be conceived anew.“

Apart from vehicles per se, we have to think about integrating a large variety of modes of transportation. An intelligent and at the same time individual mix is what will characterise the polymodal mobility of the future. In an easily understandable manner and rich in visuals, Gondlach demonstrates that digitisation has already redefined the term of ownership. If you plan a route, you do not need a navigation system. If you want to use a car, you do not have to own it. Information and services can easily and conveniently be accessed via smartphone. In his lecture, the Global Topspeaker thinks these developments through to the end: Those who occupy and understand the interface between human and digital world, will command the mobility business and make an impact on the future of mobility.

For Kai Arne Gondlach, this also entails:

  • Who will be the players on tomorrow’s markets and what is their motivation?
  • What will new strategies have to look like to be able to successfully make use of the conditions prevailing in the future?
  • Which of the consumers’ values will change with regard to mobility?
  • How can mobility trends be used successfully already today?
  • Which business models will change and which are already working effectively today?

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