Success factors in times of change

Lecture by
Steve Kroeger

Success factors in times of change

Time seems to be racing and there is no sign of it slowing down. Once we have reached a summit, there is little time to enjoy the moment. Teams are just as much subjected to on-going change. Fluctuation, new tasks or fusions ask great flexibility of companies, organisations and every single one of us.

Motivational speaker Steve Kroeger knows of these factors and of their side effects: he has vivid recollections of both. As a mountaineer and having climbed some of the highest summits in the world, Steve Kroeger knows that even the best plan can fizzle out in the blink of an eye if the weather turns, the equipment fails or people do something unexpected. These adjustments and changes were often minor, for example, route changes. But then, there were life and death situations – situations that leave their mark and enrich your wealth of experience.

The economy is privy to these ever-changing circumstances. Diversity Management implies diversification and the challenges that go with diversification, for example, diversity in team constellations. If a company strives to stay at the top, it requires constant adaptation and a willingness to learn. This includes taking market changes and political conditions into consideration, too. Plans are put to the test every day and sometimes require complete or partial corrective measures. This calls for great flexibility from everyone involved.

Keynote speaker Steve Kroeger understands the art of comparing extreme sports to economic management processes. He uses practical examples to illustrate how important inner readiness is when we intend on learning from others. He has learnt how to stay focussed even when things have changed around him, and he has come to understand the importance of reflecting ones strengths. Speed is sometimes of the essence, particularly when it comes to avoiding a fall and sticking to a goal no matter how turbulent things become.


  • What are the best strategies as we make our way to our goal?
  • How can I keep my team and myself on track?
  • How can I continue to motivate myself and build upon on my flexibility when I am subjected to fast changes?
  • Learning from others: Why do some teams make it to the summit while others don’t?
  • How can I go easy on my resources and still deliver a top performance when it is needed?

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