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Sustainable mobility - is that even possible?

Lecture by
Dr. oec. Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Lecture contents

  • How will we get from A to B tomorrow? And how can we do it in the most environmentally friendly way possible?
  • Why and how will our personal ecological mobility footprint become the measure of all things? 
  • What politics, society and business can and must do for sustainable mobility.

Sustainable mobility - is that even possible?

Mobility is currently a considerable burden on our environment and our health. At the same time, mobility is a central prerequisite for the economic and social development of modern industrial and service societies. Therefore, the question quickly arises: How green can mobility actually be? 
To begin with, we can say goodbye to the illusion of 0 emissions. Because even if all internal combustion engines were to magically disappear overnight, an energy turnaround would still be urgently needed to reduce emissions. In his lecture on sustainable mobility, Hans-Peter Kleebinder therefore focuses on looking at the problem holistically and not just criticizing the evil car and truck traffic. He shows why a mobility and energy turnaround is needed hand in hand in order to be more sustainably mobile on the basis of a circular economy. The focus is clearly on the word sustainable. After all, can more environmentally friendly alternatives to the internal combustion engine, such as new electric drives with batteries, fuel cells and hydrogen, actually slow down climate change?
In his informative presentation, the independent mobility expert and thought leader by no means chooses negative slogans against the car and mobility industry. His goal is to initiate a rethinking in society, business and politics that will deliver long-term and truly sustainable results. Municipal utilities, freight transport and public transport are also strongly affected by this and must work out concepts and take responsibility together with politicians. After all, to be sustainably mobile, we must work hand in hand in a future circular economy. 
This presentation provides the ideal basis for these discussions. Hans-Peter Kleebinder summarizes the most important information on the topic of the mobility turnaround and fills his presentation with industry-specific and economically relevant facts from his daily work as an independent expert for smart mobility, smart cities and smart data.