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How do you and a group of highly motivated specialists get to the summit together? How do you create a working team spirit under pressure and with a tight time budget? How do you put a management team together that can lead the others to the summit – even throughout hard times?

Mountaineer and extreme athlete Steve Kroeger has been giving workshops for many years. In his workshops, he shows participants how to deal with these kinds of challenges. He knows the pitfalls that teams can face. Steve Kroeger’s workshops take place far away from any business hotel conference room. The motivation coach is a hands-on man and gets down to workshop business on top of Africa’s highest mountain: Mount Kilimanjaro. International companies send their leaders and top managers to Steve Kroeger exactly for this reason. It may unusual, but it is a very effective method that has proven extremely successful. 

The experienced Alpinist knows the success factors that are needed for a group of individualists heading to the same summit. One for all and all for one! Mountaineering offers illustrative structures that apply to the economy and to success-oriented management and the set-up of teams and departments. The basic requirement is the clear goal: the summit. In order to get there successfully, there are certain factors that play a role: competence, mutual agreement, team spirit and a knowledge of every individual’s personal abilities that can be utilized within the team.

Ultimately, a summit ascent is like a normal day on the economic horizon: it doesn’t always go according to plan. Then, all that counts is best performance under extreme conditions, summoning of team spirit and remaining a group that works and sticks together throughout despite on-going problems. These exceptional circumstances require communication that leads to split-second decisions, just as within business.


  • What makes a team successful?
  • What can a management team transfer?
  • How do I put a high performance team together?
  • How to allocate responsibility?
  • How do organize the team for and on the summit?
  • How does a team need to behave in extreme situations?

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