Teamwork - rules from top class sports for successful management work

In their various roles in and around football over many years, our Global Topspeakers from the football business were able to observe in detail the factors that decide a team’s success or failure. As team players they met coaches with very different personalities and later as officials, managers and coaches, they learned what it means to take over special responsibilities within a team. After their active career and with the beginning of their activities commentators and co-hosts on TV, they have also experienced the public impact a team is able to create.

From the varied experience with football teams, several rules regarding successful teamwork emerged over the years. These rules can perfectly be applied to business as well as there are distinct similarities between the teamwork in professional football and entrepreneurial practice. 

A football club resembles a business enterprise in many ways: with regard to its hierarchic structure, its public image and in particular with regard to the importance of “the team” for its success. The same organization as for a football club with president, manager, coach and players can also be found in business enterprises where the hierarchy of board, directors, heads of department and employees, is structured in a similar way. The fact that all involved must stick to the rules in order to bring about harmonic team play, is a basic requirement for mutual success - in football as in business enterprises. 

Contents of the presentation:

  • Appreciation
  • Team spirit within a group
  • Willingness to integrate oneself and to identify with the team 
  • Authority as a hazard
  • Team play – success of the team as a whole versus personal glory
  • Team spirit of all executives

Learn from our Global Topspeakers' presentations how team rules derived from football can successfully be transferred to the business world and how effective team play works – both towards the success of a team but also towards the success of a business enterprise.

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