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The 40-Day challenge - be your hero

Lecture by
Timm Kruse

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The 40-Day challenge - be your hero

The 40-Day challenge - be your hero

40 is the magic number that can change your life. If you don’t eat sugar, smoke or drink alcohol for 40 days as a challenge, your can easily do without these addictive substances afterwards. Those who have discipline and go jogging for 40 days will never want to live without sport again. Those who motivate themselves for 40 days to complete unpleasant tasks at work fist will certainly not have to put off disturbing matters for so long in the future. Willpower and discipline become habits – and efficiency and motivation increase equally in the professional and private context.

Global Topspeaker Timm Kruse lives exactly the life he wants to live. He eats healthy food, is disciplined in sports, meditates regularly and writes one bestseller after the other. He had to endure endless adventures to find out: Happiness is a way of life.

His recipe for this is the 40-day challenge. He fasted for 40 days – he did not eat any solid food and only drank tea or water. Since then he knows what discipline means and what is good for his body and what is not. He has lived in nature for 40 days and he never wants to stay at home again. He paddled down the Danube for 40 days and learned that the comfort zone is the last place where he really feels good. He kept silent for 40 days and learned that silence is gold. Except at his lectures, he talks rather little and prefers to listen.

In his lectures he suggests to the audience to cross borders once for 40 days: Showering cold for 40 days, no sweets, not preferring the easy tasks in the office etc.

His bestsellers are about his boundless adventures and border crossings – he was the chauffeur of an Indian guru, spent weeks in silence in a jungle, meditating and practicing yoga, was the first person to paddle down the entire Danube and reports on his experiences of no drinking alcohol for years.

As a freelance author and journalist, he manages again and again to break out of our over-civilized world and lead real, raw, rough life – without luxury, without GPS, without contact to the cultivated world. He goes for days on wandering and sleeps outside, against the stream he paddles for weeks along the coast of this world, he lives again and again a life off the beaten track. In regular micro adventures, he loves to change habits, accept challenges and dare new things. Only then does he really feel alive. And once a year he takes on a 40-day challenge.

In his interactive lectures he tells in a very lively and entertaining way how you too can manage to give your professional and private life a new kick, to develop courage for the unthinkable and finally to live as you have always dreamed.

Contents of lecture:

  • Lectures with speed, wit and chutzpah about life beyond comfort
  • Pure enthusiasm for topics that concern us all
  • Practical ways to start a challenge yourself for 40 days
  • Inspiration to leave the comfort zone and do something crazy for yourself
  • Finding true freedom beyond social norms

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