The 7 Summits® Strategy: reaching great heights in a state of serenity

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Do you know what your personal goal is? Do you really know what you want? 

What personal summit are you aiming for? Most people do not have clear answers to these questions.Steve Kroeger – extreme mountaineer and motivation expert – reveals the secrets that successful people use. These individuals have achieved the extraordinary and reached their personal summit.

dTake the world of sport and the business world; in both worlds, peak performance is strongly linked with personal development and vitality. Steve Kroeger knows the methods and the essential tricks that take people to greater heights. He speaks with a passion and from personal experience. He would never have made it to the tops of some of the highest mountains without clarity, motivation, support and mental strength. The mountaineer is very aware that without the right training, reaching any summit – or any personal goal – is an exhausting task.

Global Top Speaker Steve Kroeger has an authentic way of explaining his step-by-step approach to unfolding full potential and achieving success. His audiences comprise managers, specialists, teams and those simply interested in listening to what he has to say. In his exciting and inspiring talks, Kroeger demonstrates practical methods on how to reach your personal peak performance and attain your goals on a day-to-day basis. Learn how to overcome fear, how to endure hard times, what impact you have as a competent team partner and how to strengthen team spirit. Steve Kroeger reveals how you can turn setbacks into sources of energy and how you can draw upon your personal bests in sport when you need to – both on a day-to-day basis and at work.


  • What are my true goals and do they match those of my team?
  • What matters most when striving to achieve my goals?
  • How should I focus?
  • How can I draw upon my personal bests when I need to?
  • Do I need a team to help me do this?
  • After the summit is before the summit – how do I stay motivated and how do I keep team spirits high?

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