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The car is dead - long live mobility

Lecture by
Dr. oec. Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Lecture contents

  • Mobility is a fundamental right - How can everyone be mobile?
  • WHO and WHAT is driving the mobility revolution?
  • From proudly owning to using on demand at the push of a button: This is what our mobility of the future looks like!

The car is dead - long live mobility

Germany as a developing country for smart, sustainable and safe future mobility is finally waking up, driven by Tesla, Dieselgate and COVID19. Now a broad consensus is developing across Europe in society, politics and business: We need a mobility revolution to preserve our personal mobility and autonomy. 
Global developments are setting the pace for the current reinvention and transformation of the automotive industry: potential penalties due to emissions regulations are forcing decarbonization and thus electrification of vehicle fleets. Internal combustion engines (diesel/gasoline and gas) will be replaced by electric engines (battery and fuel cell) in the long term. In addition to drives, the mobility revolution will be driven primarily by the opportunities of digitalization. The HOW, and not the WHAT, will be the focus in the future when we move from A to B or are moved. True to the motto: "Car and more - a look into the future of mobility".
In order to turn this motto into reality, mobility expert Kleebinder has developed the Manifesto Future Mobility 2035, which he will share with his audience in his presentation. A central point in it: Mobility is a component of basic state services and an important basis for our quality of life!
In his presentation, Hans-Peter Kleebinder demonstrates a new way of thinking about mobility and proves that mobility is much more than just our own cars. The mobility expert is certain that we will move away from our claim of ownership of our own vehicle, which will thus grow into an obsolete status symbol. Can you imagine that? The beloved car is only used by a few car lovers on Sundays for a joyride on a race track? 
Get involved in a new perspective on mobility and get to know and love "Mobility at the push of a button (Mobility as a Service)!