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„Living in the future means living in the city“, says Global Topspeaker and futurologist Michael Carl - for the urban environment becomes ever more attractive and the trend towards urbanisation is unabated. In the coming years, more and more people will move from the countryside to the cities. Together with his audience, the experienced lecturer and keynote speaker takes a fascinating stroll through the city of the future in his presentation.

„The city of the future adapts, learns and changes“, explains Michael Carl and in this context also makes mention of the keyword “optimum networking”. People’s habitat will change significantly: no parking cars or unnecessary traffic jams – the drone taxi will take us from A to B on demand. Public transport or the offers of delivery services and other service providers will change, too – thanks to digitisation, it’s possible for companies to increasingly adapt to our needs in all areas of life by evaluating movement logs and other data. However, the futurologist is also aware of the fact that if you want to do business in the city of the future, you will have to change your views. New technologies such as autonomous driving will particularly change industries and some professions will even become extinct. Services, in particular, will then have to become mobile and develop new business models.

At the same time, such interconnection will offer the citizens a completely new quality of life and new opportunities to develop further. Thanks to sharing models, we will be able to borrow whatever we need at a precise moment and use it – be it a car, office space or a drilling machine. For a citizen, it means the freedom to decide between sharing and owning. In his presentation, Michael Carl also illustrates how this trend towards short-term use will influence architecture and infrastructure: namely, they will become more flexible and sustainable in the city of the future. Instead of building for eternity, many future buildings will originate from a 3D printer. Real estate will go mobile.

But who will actually live in the city of the future, then? In his lecture, Michael Carl also addresses the subject of “digital citizen” as the network between cities all over the world will change our perception of closeness and distance, too. We will jointly work on projects with others, although our places of work are miles apart. This raises questions regarding new limits and new opportunities of intervention and participation for the citizens. In a practical and hands-on manner, Michael Carl demonstrates how we will live together, work and pass our time in the urban environment of the future. The renowned futurologist knows the technologies that will soon change our life at work and at home and in his lecture takes his audience on an amazing trip to the city of the future.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Maximum interconnection: How service providers adapt to the needs of the citizens in an optimum way
  • Shared property: How our perception of benefit and property changes
  • Controlled daily life: How interconnected systems control our traffic and energy flow 
  • Mobile real estate: How architecture becomes more flexible and sustainable
  • Digital citizen: Who are the citizens of a city anyway and what rights do they have

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