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The Doer Team

Lecture by
Katja Porsch

The Doer Team

Lecture contents

  • Your teams learn to work in a solution- and strength-oriented way 
  • The strength of the individual makes a strong team 
  • How to awaken the doer mindset in your team

Mut haben: Du hast alles, was du brauchst bereits in dir // Katja Porsch

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The Doer Team

The time of waiting, doubting and hoping is finally over. The future belongs to the doers! Nowadays, more than ever, a "hands on" mentality is needed. And that means every team member! Literally, this means that you need the doer mentality to grow into a doer team instead of just theoretically brooding over problems. Because successful companies and teams need action-oriented, problem-solving behaviour.

Members of the doer team are self-confident, contribute their skills and competences in a targeted manner and work together to find solutions to challenges. In addition, they do not blame others when they make mistakes, but (finally) start with themselves! Being a doer team sounds wonderful: but how does it work? Motivational speaker Katja Porsch supports you on this path with her motivational talk "The Doer Team". Learn how to successfully use and develop group energy as a team with practical examples and concrete recommendations for action.

This lecture is definitely not for teams that only struggle into the company to collect the big paycheck at the end of the month! Rather, this lecture by Katja Porsch addresses companies, teams and employees who want to take responsibility and lead their team to success!

In her team lecture, Katja Porsch focuses not only on making the team as a whole strong and successful, but also on focusing on the abilities of the individual. Because this is the real key to successful teamwork: the stronger the individual, the stronger the whole team! Use the diversity of your team, build on the strengths of the individual team members and use the greatest possible energy for your success!

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