The fan principle: how companies turn employees into real fans

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Ronny Leber

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The fan principle: how companies turn employees into real fans

The fan principle: how companies turn employees into real fans

How do companies turn their employees into fans? What insights can companies take from successful sports teams for their own employee retention? Which methods help you to turn your employees into brand ambassadors?

Motivator, economist and sports scientist Ronny Leber presents in his speech an exciting crossover of economy and success stories from the sports sector. The entertainer of major events, like the games of the national soccer team or the ATP 500 tournament, has already inspired more than 4 million people. Now he is dedicated to the question why sports teams have so many loyal fans that give everything for their teams and what the economy needs to create their own enthusiastic fan community.

But what exactly is the difference between successful fan support and employee retention in many companies? Why do many fans sacrifice their whole spare time free of charge for their favorite team but are not willing to do “more” for their paid work?

The so-called extremists are frowned upon as absolute hardcore fans. Wouldn’t companies wish for such extremists, who give their everything for the company? Who promote the company with no limits?

Merchandising has become a major added value for every successful sports team and every sports event. In this presentation, motivational speaker Ronny Leber explains how people become emotional ambassadors of a team, a cause.


  • Create increased employee identification with their company
  • Generate the highest commitment possible on the job
  • Strengthen emotional connection
  • Create magic moments together with your employees
  • Promote higher personal initiative of your employees

Sports entertainer Ronny Leber underlines in this very intoxicating speech with many examples, how you can motivate your employees to the highest identification with your company. Come join us on the path to become a fan favorite!

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