The first note is the key: Why life is a casting show

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The first impression counts! But how do you face unknown people and challenging, new situation with confidence and at the same time use this crucial moment to score points for yourself?

Based on the example of casting shows, the former top manager in the music industry, Thomas Stein, explains in his presentation what really counts in the selection processes of everyday (professional) life. The star manager, who - through his own efforts - advanced from apprentice in a publishing house to Germany’s most powerful force in the music business and who was, at the side of Dieter Bohlen, a member of the jury of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar“, Germany’s equivalent to “Pop Idol”, for two years, is well acquainted with the fight for acceptance and success both on stage and behind the scenes.

Whether during job interviews, important presentations, cold calling on the phone or difficult negotiations, those who can win people over right from the start are able to reach their goals quicker and are more successful. But how do you manage to use this window of opportunity to the best of your advantage, to deliver on the dot and to be a presence? How do you gain the strength and self-confidence required to win others over? How do you learn to sell yourself and to inspire people, even if charm and charisma don’t’ come naturally to you?

In his keynote, Global Topspeaker Thomas Stein illustrates why being well-prepared is essential and makes an impression on most people and how well-dosed self-presentation, strengthening one’s brand ID and optimism help to get on the road to success. The former music manager demonstrates that – unconsciously – most people already use strategies to create a certain image in the eyes of others and to increase their social success. The desire to look good in front of your superiors or customers, subordinates or patients, family or friends and to make a favourable impression on others through social interaction is an innate behaviour.

In his presentation, Thomas Stein successfully demonstrates the limits and opportunities of self-presentation in a lively and vivid manner. The result: „rich and famous“ is a short-term phenomenon at the most. Only the trustworthy, reliable and honest will be successful and respected in the long run.

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