the future was yesterday - what can we learn from the ancient egyptians

Lecture by
Dominique Goerlitz

the future was yesterday - what can we learn from the ancient egyptians

the future was yesterday - what can we learn from the ancient egyptians

The state of old technologies, often ridiculed today, proves to be surprisingly advanced upon closer examination. Decades of research, the last ABORA expeditions and the current plans for a new reed boat expedition are issues that are urging the researcher Dominique Goerlitz. Change in the social and technical sense requires courage and determination to innovate and create new things. The presentation is a reminder why we can learn so much from the past.

In this speech the ABORA-Missions are examples that the courage to think and act creative doesn't mean to step backwards and to have to go without luxury. To master the extensive processes of changes the key is not the updating and accelerating of the existing processes and structures, but the breaking out of those patterns. The Global Topspeaker points out these facts with impressive examples and has a clear message: Only whom who thinks new will reach a new and truly sustainable growth!

Dominique Goerlitz addresses the key questions that are of the highest relevance to enterprises today. The future is complex, dynamic and uncertain. How does our society deal with these challenges?

We can derive all the right answers from the events of antiquity. The key to cope with complexity and impending fundamental changes lies not in perpetuation and acceleration of existing processes and structures, but in breaking away from these patterns. Only those who embrace new ways of thinking will achieve new and sustainable growth. This is why we plan to implement this expedition as a mirror to social issues, referring to change, innovation, team structure and, most importantly, networking.

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