the günter-principle

Lecture by
Stefan Frädrich

Available as online lecture

the günter-principle

the günter-principle

Do you know Günter? Günter is your inner pigdog. He lives inside your head and helps you to avoid stress: “Do it the same way like yesterday!”, “That’s impossible!”, “Better don’t start today, start tomorrow!” Günter says. And you don’t just avoid stress – you avoid success as well.

Time for better ideas for your inner self talk!

  • How can you motivate yourself and others?
  • How can you experience happiness – even in tough times?
  • How can you unleash your inner power?
  • How will your own brain support you?
  • And how will you achieve what you want?

As soon as Günter understands the mechanisms of real self motivation, he’ll start supporting you: “Doing something new is fun!”, “You can do it!”, “Let’s get started, right now!” And that will give you and your team more motivation, more energy and more success!

Meet your inner pigdog and make it your friend!