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Some people succeed in immediately being the centre of attention whenever they enter a room. Those are true leaders who make an impression with their charisma and a difference with their charm. Authentic personalities who - instead of cultivating a phony image - truly live out a one-of-a-kind understanding of leadership every single day.

What do these natural leaders do differently compared to other executives? What qualities do they have that guarantee their being perceived as leaders immediately? Global Topspeaker Sylvie di Giusto knows the secrets of the “Image of Leadership” and reveals in this enthralling presentation how leadership is given a charismatic face. Based on her many years of experience as an executive in Human Resources and as an image consultant, the keynote speaker provides leaders with practical tools to recognise their own potential, to establish a unique image and to immediately convince with their personality.

People who quite automatically display authentic management behaviour have a more confident, professional, respectful and at all times more controlled aura and the demeanor going with it. They demonstrate leadership skills by way of their own shining example and always do exactly what they said they would. In this fascinating keynote, expert on personality development Sylvie di Giusto explains to her audience how executives can „package“ themselves to stand out positively for the right reasons and how to become exactly the extraordinary leaders they have always strived to be.

With this energetic presentation, image consultant Sylvie di Giusto truly boots the careers of executives. The participants learn how to make a lasting impression thanks to their powerful and convincing appearance – regardless in which industry and at which management level they are. This kind of charisma fascinates employees, customers and business partners alike and instills confidence in a person. Use your personality to boost your success! Also benefit from Global Topspeaker Sylvie di Giusto’s many years of international experience and cultivate your own „Image of Leadership".

Learn in this fascinating and lively presentation

  • Why you should take responsibility every single day for how you appear, behave and communicate
  • How to become the CEO of your own career
  • How to achieve your individual “Image of Leadership”
  • How to be perceived as a leader at first glance
  • How to make a name for yourself in and out of your organisation
  • How to strengthen your company as a whole by a powerful image of leadership

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