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More and more everyday objects are connected to the internet and partly networked with each other. The “Internet of Things” is fuelled by the exponential increase in the performance of computers while prices are falling at the same time. Around 25 billion devices – computers, smartphones, vehicles, traffic infrastructure and many more – now communicate with each other worldwide via the internet. This gigantic network releases undreamt-of network effects that increase exponentially with the number of individual transmitters. Futurologist Kai Gondlach shows in this exciting lecture what effects the “Internet of Things” will have in the future, how our consumer behaviourism will change and gives answers on the question, how miscellaneous economic sectors will change in the course of digitalisation.

Global Topspeaker and futurologist Kai Gondlach does scientific research on digitalisation and thereof resulting prospective ways of life. “Cumbersome” processes with apps or voice control will proceed in the background and controlled by our digital twin, who will be influenced by the emotions and thoughts of the customer. Developments like these will change our private and business life. Many speak of the fourth industrial revolution (Industry 4.0), only few understand the true potential of this development. Not only big industrial states benefit from industry 4.0, but especially emerging countries. To keep up with the rapid technological speed and to benefit from the “Internet of things”, companies need to rethink.

In this customisable lecture on the Internet of things, futurologist Kai Gondlach shows by using understandable case examples, how those developments influence your industry. Thereby the Global Topspeaker establishes perspectives for new business models and presents new approaches how social and economic challenge will be solved with the help of digitalisation.


  • Network effects: Where does the journey of the “Internet of Things” go when more and more objects and people are directly connected to the internet?
  • Artificial intelligence: What happens when virtual bots, which already manipulate social networks today, can think for themselves and do business?
  • Economy: Which economies have the best chances of success – and which new business models release your potential?

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