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the marathon principle: Top performance when it counts

Lecture by
Ronny Leber

Lecture contents

  • The mindset of success: what really matters if you want to call up top performances?
  • The power of optimal preparation: how do I put myself in pole position?
  • What to do when things don't go right: how do I deal with setbacks?
  • Learning perseverance: how do I reach the goal no matter what?
  • Creating the appropriate environment: what role does the team play?

the marathon principle: Top performance when it counts

Ambitious goals, unbridled willpower and surpassing one's own limits: that's what the myth of the marathon stands for!

Marathon runner and marathon presenter Ronny Leber takes his audience on a journey between enthusiasm, training, endurance, pain, suffering, tears and finally a euphoria that breaks all boundaries.

Anyone who has ever run a marathon knows: you must first defeat yourself in order to succeed in the end. Failure and victory are often only a hair's breadth apart. But why are some people able to rise above themselves at the decisive moment and deliver top performance - while others are not?

"As long as you keep moving toward the goal, you'll get there eventually." 5 star speaker Ronny Leber was allowed to experience first-hand how it feels to master the undertaking New York Marathon despite less than optimal preparation. As a graduate in business administration, he draws astonishing parallels to the world of work, where setbacks are always the order of the day and only the "mindset of success" can bring them about.

The right team is also crucial. When on October 12, 2019, Eliud Kipchoge became the first person to run a full marathon in under 2 hours, motivation expert Ronny Leber was there live as a presenter at the finish line. 120,000 people on site and millions worldwide followed the shattering of the limits of what was considered possible until then. The 5-star speaker tells grippingly about the detailed planning, meticulous preparation and unique execution of this historic event. Ronny Leber knows what it takes to duplicate such successes.

The right communication is important and it starts in your own head. Experience a firework of enthusiasm, in which the stadium moderator and TV anchorman Ronny Leber gets you ready for your marathon task with rousing commitment.

To make his presentations even more interactive, inspiring and motivating, the 5 star speaker additionally offers a limited number of participants to break your limits by each smashing a wooden board in two, using only the power of his hand. You won't believe how quickly your participants achieve success here, together with Ronny Leber, and leave the event motivated.

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