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When a small idea becomes a megatrend. Germany’s most innovative futurologist Sven Gabor Janszky takes his audience along to the origins of innovation which will change our society and economy in the following years. In his fascinating lecture the Global Topspeaker explains, how fast megatrends develop and how companies identify megatrends precocious and how to use them for their competitive advantage.

From medicine to mobility, from sales to real estate – Megatrends have the potential to influence not only certain economic branches. With ongoing digitalisation and automation global change processes happen much faster than they used to and demand much more flexibility from companies to compete in the global competition. With his longstanding experience in futurology Sven Gabor Janszky observes how fast future trends evolve and how fast they disappear. Some megatrends get hyped through media but don’t affect the society at all like Google Glasses or Virtual Reality.

Which would have been a trend for 20 years in the past, has a much shorter lifetime in the future. This requires much more flexibility and agility from companies to compete on the market. How to be on trend and realign all time shows innovation expert Sven Gabor Janszky in his inspiring lecture. The Keynote Speaker also talks about how to identify the right megatrend being a traditional company, or a start-up and which megatrend could be easily ignored.

Global Topspeaker Sven Gabor Janszky travels to the most important innovation hotspots in the world, like Silicon Valley, Tel Aviv or Shenzhen in China. He definitely knows the hotbeds of megatrends and what is behind it. He enables his audience fascinating insights into pioneering technologies and enthuses for the power of megatrends.

Contents of lecture:

  • Silicon Valley & Co: Where do megatrends arise?
  • From innovation to trend: How do megatrends develop?
  • Impact: How does the society influence what is becoming a trend?
  • Benefit: Which megatrend promotes my company?
  • Think-Tank-Thinking: How to discover megatrends and keep an overview?

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