The power principle: reach your goal through acting successful

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Ronny Leber

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The power principle: reach your goal through acting successful

The power principle: reach your goal through acting successful

Many people in the area of sales, management and leadership have one or many goals, but are actually far away from reaching them, because they don’t have power or motivation. But other sectors of the economy are affected as well besides financial service providers and sales organizations. 5-star speaker and motivator Ronny Leber shows in this vivid and practical presentation how to close the gap between the current status and your own goals using the power principle and a lot of motivation.

Since 2016, the motivational speaker is one of about 100 worldwide official trainers in the team of Tony Robbins, the best-known business coach from the USA. In the German speaking area, Leber is one of only three Tony-Robbins trainers and is considered the coach when it comes to performance, business and sales. Leber knows to combine the dynamic and power of big sports events, where he entertained more than 3 million people, with the techniques and method of Tony Robbins. The power principle of the likeable Austrian helps people and teams to find their success-oriented attitude to be able to reach their goals.

The presentation of 5-star speaker Leber is addressed to managers, executives and employees that are under pressure to succeed or want to optimize their path to the goal with the power principle. With his expertise as a studied economist and sports scientist he understands to explain the responsible factors for result-oriented acting such as motivation, leadership psychology as well as positive emotions. On this basis, it is possible to develop success strategies for the future. Leber presents the needed techniques and methods, because securing the future is the crucial motor in the economy. The “power principle“ excels like all other presentations of Ronny Leber through a balanced mixture of entertainment and information. This is how the knowledge gained is long-term anchored. The presentation is the power pack to turn a goal into a successful result.


  • What is motivation and how can it be activated?
  • To apply the power of positive emotions correctly.
  • The secret of leadership psychology.
  • Tips: This is how motivation, psychology and emotions turn into strategy
  • Methods to program the success course

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