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In a period of more than 20 years, the entrepreneur Harald Psaridis built and managed Europe’s largest network marketing organisation in his sector of trade – financial services. Nowadays, he advises and consults network marketing companies all over the world. In his fascinating presentation, the Global Topspeaker reveals the secrets of his success and also the secrets of the world’s best network marketers. He provides amazing insights into the world’s fastest growing sales scheme, where well over 100 million people are working as entrepreneurs today and annual sales of almost 200 billion dollars are generated worldwide. The entrepreneur Harald Psaridis demonstrates how – based on the right know-how – anybody can establish their own business and, without a doubt, develop it successfully.

Transactions are always conducted between people. Being one of the most successful entrepreneurs in network marketing of all time, Global Topspeaker Harald Psaridis knows perfectly well how important the proper mindset and mastering the required skills is in order to develop sales and win over customers. To him, network marketing only works as a H2H (Human to Human) business, i.e. from human to human. This, however, can only be done with the right business partners in your own network. Therefore, the experienced speaker Harald Psaridis not only explains how to generate an adequate number of new contacts as a networker, thus creating a constantly growing network, but mainly how to recognise ideal business partners and convince them of one’s business idea long-term.

As an expert on recruitment and leadership, entrepreneur Harald Psaridis is convinced that 90 per cent of one’s success in network marketing depends on winning over, empowering and leading the right business partners. Based on the business strategies of other leading network marketers, he demonstrates in this presentation how they conduct job and recruitment interviews and hold speeches, trainings and meetings for their business partners. How successful networkers manage to become respected leaders, coaches and mentors within their own network, is yet another integral part of the presentation.

Harald Psaridis always speaks from his own experience. As a highly successful manager, he has conducted more than 10,000 personal interviews with potential business partners in the past years and developed a convincing network of impressive size. Thus, he is in the position to convey the secrets of network marketing in a lively and clear manner.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Network marketing: How selling through a network works
  • Recruiting: How to find and keep the right business partners long-term
  • Making contact: How to use social media in network marketing
  • Leadership: How to lead and empower business partners successfully
  • 90-day success plan: How to reach the top career level and become financially independent

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