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The stadium principle: Win together!

Lecture by
Ronny Leber

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The stadium principle: Win together!

Lecture contents

  • Strengthening the feeling of "we": acting together as a team.
  • The 3 phases of effective preparation: the foundation of success
  • Building Momentum: Build momentum for greatness
  • Magic Moments formula: building emotional connections
  • Tailored transfer to your situation

The stadium principle: Win together!

Do you know the feeling when a whole stadium stands behind a team? That moment when the fire jumps from the team to the fans? That feeling of having played a part in that atmosphere and in the victory?

What is everyday life for many sports teams is now made possible for companies by top stadium presenter Ronny Leber, who takes his audience on an emotional journey that fundamentally strengthens the cornerstones of your team. Experience the 5 star speaker in his impulsive lecture and feel a new team feeling, pick up fresh momentum and use this advantage in competition.

No matter if teambuilding, new takeover or company merger - with the new "we-feeling" of a welded unit you tackle the challenges as a team. Motivation expert Ronny Leber will give you the decisive impulses to release new energies for each individual and the entire team. As the emotional highlight of this keynote, the top speaker will unveil his Magic Moments formula, which you can use to skillfully build an emotional bond with your employees and customers.

Whether your team is a department, a company or an association, pick up momentum together and get that spark going. Take the momentum of enthusiasm with you to master new challenges.

Ronny Leber, who has a degree in business administration, has inspired over 5 million people live as a stadium moderator. You will regularly experience him live at the Austrian national soccer team, ATP tennis events or as a ring announcer at boxing. He skillfully takes his audience along on a "wave of enthusiasm".

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