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The stadium principle: Win together!

Lecture by
Ronny Leber

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The stadium principle: Win together!

The stadium principle: Win together!

Do you know the feeling when a whole stadium is behind their team? This moment when the fire of a team ignites the fans? This feeling to have contributed to this atmosphere and the win? Why should only sports teams enjoy this advantage?

Motivator Ronny Leber brings his experience from working with more than 4 million people in the past 10 years and explains how we can benefit in our daily work from such emotions – with the stadium principle!

He explains in simple steps what managers and employees can learn from the best sports teams and sports events and how we all get to win together. The stadium is often a place full of magic moments – why shouldn’t the workplace be the same? Ronny Leber explains how you can find more happiness and fulfillment at work and therefore increase not only your performance but also the performance of your employer.

Every fan in the stadium knows that the support drives the team forward and ignites better performance. To wear the colors of the team is considered good manners in many sports venues – in some places it is religion. With pride fans show their belonging to their team. What seems to be natural at sports events is by all means valid at the work place: the more my company excels the more passion, pride and sense of unity every single person feels. Win together as a team!


  • What is the advantage in standing up for your company?
  • How can I win through my commitment?
  • Methods for more enthusiasm at work.
  • Experience magic moments at work.
  • Experience a sense of unity.

You will experience how you can win together as a team and grow together as a company in this entertaining and practical presentation by motivator Ronny Leber.

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