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In the past three decades and in his various capacities as soccer player, coach and soccer official, Stefan Kuntz has experienced all the ups and downs the soccer business has to offer and therefore knows exactly which factors make the difference between a team’s success or failure. As a team player, the 1996 European Soccer Champion experienced very different types of coaches, as a team captain and later as the chairman of a German Soccer League club, he learned what it means to assume a particular responsibility within a team.

Based on his various experiences with soccer teams, Stefan Kuntz developed fundamental rules for successful teamwork which can perfectly well be transferred to business – as the parallels between teamwork in soccer and in business practice are enormous.

A German Soccer League club is similar to a commercial enterprise in more ways than one: with regard to its hierarchical structure, its public image and in particular, regarding the importance of a team for its success. The organisation of a soccer club with a president, manager, coach and players can equally be found in commercial enterprises, where the board, directors, department heads and employees have a similar hierarchy. The fact that, for any harmonious interaction, rules and values have to be respected by all involved and in particular be lived up to by the coach is the most fundamental prerequisite for any joint success – in soccer just as well as in commercial enterprises.

In his presentation, Global Topspeaker and European Soccer Champion Stefan Kuntz talks about his experiences and his approach to leading employees and passionately moulding them into functioning teams that are capable of using the full potential of their resources for the benefit of the club. The sports manager knows perfectly well how any ideal interaction works – for the success of a team as well as for the success of a company.

Contents of the presentation:

  • Values/appreciation
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Readiness for integration and identification
  • 10 principles of leadership
  • Interaction – team success instead of image neurosis

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