To the top as a financial advisor with 3 fundamental building blocks

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Marcus Renziehausen

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To the top as a financial advisor with 3 fundamental building blocks

With three building blocks to seven-figure annual turnover: In his presentation, Marcus Renziehausen will reveal how financial advisors can make the leap to the top – simply, sustainably and dynamically. The Global Topspeaker speaks from his own practice as a passionate strategy expert. Because Renziehausen has helped over 1,000 financial advisors to successfully establish themselves over the past twenty years- From this he has developed his concept of three fundamental building blocks, which he passes on as a keynote speaker.

The first building block is a strong foundation. Marcus Renziehausen sees this in a clear corporate strategy. However, many investment advisors, whether employed for freelance, lack such a strategy. Instead, they spend most of their time looking for new clients and new opportunities to increase turnover. And it is precisely at this crucial point that the desired success fails to materialise. In his lecture, speaker Renziehausen will therefore explain how financial advisors can strategically position themselves and even achieve significantly more turnover with fewer, but more valuable customers.

Building on this, financial expert Marcus Renziehausen uses the second building block as the sustainable implementation of this corporate strategy. How to remain consistent and focus on this without being distracted by other impulses is therefore also the content of his ground-breaking presentation. Because Renziehausen promises: “Those who concentrate every day on the things that have the greatest influence on their own success will be rewarded with extraordinary results and a great deal of motivation.

In a final building block, Marcus Renziehausen will reflect on the dynamic growth of his own company. Because the foundation that was developed first and the quality of implementation provides the best prerequisites for strong offline and online marketing in order to establish oneself in the competition as a financial advisor and make a name for oneself. New, valuable customers come automatically and the increase in turnover catapults to the top of the success list.

Lecture contents:

  • Whereof many financial advisors fail on the way to great success
  • Why a large number of new customers of new customers does not automatically mean more sales
  • How to develop a clear corporate strategy as a financial advisor
  • How this strategy can be consistently implemented and pursued
  • What is important for your own company to grow dynamically
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