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Motivation is on everyone’s lips, there are many motivational coaches. But: What does motivation actually mean? How doe I emerge motivated from setbacks? How can motivation really be motivating? In this unique lecture on the topic of motivation, endurance runner and motivational trainer Norman Buecher shows that setbacks and defeats are also part of the motivation cycle and how one always finds the way back to motivation. Through his experiences in extreme sports he has developed a “trial and error mentality” for himself and has learned how to return from setbacks, defeats and negative experiences motivated and strengthened.

For Norman Buecher motivation is an adventure that never ends and goes through life with all its ups and downs. In his motivational lecture, the endurance runner shows that we must seek and conquer this adventure again and again. Motivation is THE challenge in life and profession, because without motivation there is no progress and success.

The aim of the lecture is that the entire staff of your company, your entire team, does not see their tasks as a profession, but as an exciting adventure! An adventure, as the ultimate challenge with all its ups and downs! The endurance runner tells thrilling stories about adventures. During his adventures, the endurance runner has also experienced many setbacks and has thus developed a “trial and error mentality”. This is exactly what Norman Buecher conveys in his motivational lecture.

As a fromer management consultant the endurance runner is also familiar with the business world and knows that professional tasks have a lot in common with top sporting performance and includes this insider knowledge in his motivational lecture. In both cases, extreme situations have to be mastered again and again and mental resilience and strength are required.

With this motivational lecture Norman Buecher brings his “Trial and Error – Mentality” into every company and shows in his powerful visual impulse lecture the parallels between the corporate world and extreme sports. Join endurance runner Norman Buecher on your personal internal motivation adventure and learn that motivation can be so easy.

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