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Nothing outdates faster than knowledge on future. What we know today, will be overtaken tomorrow. To be successful in the business world, you have to be more than “just” up to date. Michael Carl, one of Germany’s most influential futurologists, gives in his Keynote “Update future” an insight into the garage of futurologists and brings his audience up to date on topics like digitalisation, Artificial Intelligence, Automation and the newest technologies. Using his knowledge, companies can prepare successful strategies for future orientated progress and ensure the needed advantage in the business world of tomorrow.

Michael Carl has a global network of innovative companies and research institutions. Thanks to this insider knowledge, the futurologist knows the technologies that are currently being developed and will significantly change our lives in upcoming years. The fascinating expert on everything future related shows how digitalization, automation, artificial intelligence and new technologies will soon be a major part of our everyday lives and what opportunities this offers for companies when used correctly.

Trend researcher Michael Carl always adapts his Keynotes to his audience and is able to set industry-specific focus points – no matter whether medicine and health care, finance and insurance industry or sales, trade and marketing. Don’t be satisfied with the present, experience the future together with Michael Carl.

Contents of the lecture:

  • Insights into current and ongoing futurology studies
  • Effects of digitalisation, automation and artificial intelligence
  • Innovative technologies for communication and customer dialogue
  • Industry specific focus

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