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Urban mobility of the future determines the city of the future

Lecture by
Dr. oec. Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Lecture contents

  • How will we live in the future? Which new technologies will become indispensable?
  • How will new urban mobility concepts make cities more livable and attractive?
  • How do smart cities increase their attractiveness for people and business through new mobility concepts?

Urban mobility of the future determines the city of the future

Smart City thanks to Smart Mobility and Smart Data: Cities that want to be considered livable in the future must rethink their mobility concept - and do it now! In addition to health care and educational opportunities, the issue of mobility is crucial to whether a city becomes a desirable place to live and a suitable business location. 
This rethinking must be radical in order to end the ongoing daily traffic gridlock in cities. In his presentation, Hans-Peter Kleebinder, an expert on future mobility and smart cities, will show what options are available, how the use of roads, railways and public transport is changing, and what role air cabs and drones play. He calls on public utilities, city politicians and urban developers to take responsibility: "If you don't set the course for tomorrow's mobility concepts today and take them into account in your planning, you will block a lot of opportunities.
But mobility is much more than just getting from A to Z: In this presentation, Hans-Peter Kleebinder invites his audience to think about mobility differently and presents new concepts. Cities of the future are characterized by the fact that they no longer design their concepts for cars, but for people and their quality of life. Kleebinder uses numerous examples to illustrate his recommendations for the city of the future.
Get ready for smart cities that become oases of well-being for people and the economy!