Many solos do not make a symphony - your job is to help the orchestra

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In a musical ensemble, it is essential for the many different personalities to find a common ground and a common pitch. In his presentation, Global Topspeaker, conductor and communication coach Stangel demonstrates how top musicians do this and how this method can be transferred to other teams as well. If desired – together with his orchestra "die taschenphilharmonie" („the pocket philharmonics“).

A group of top-notch specialists not necessarily makes up a team – this is no different in a classical orchestra than in an enterprise. Contrary to daily business, however, with an orchestra you can experience immediately how cooperation works, what internal coordination processes are required, which problems may arise, if only one instrument does not join in – and how these problems can be solved together. In order to grow together and to become a true ensemble (French for together), each of the involved not only has to give something but also has to give something up – room for freedom of interpretation, intonation and even rhythm – for the benefit of the overall result.

All these ongoing processes are „supervised“ by the conductor – who on the one hand has guideline competence and on the other has to ensure that his specialists can develop their skills to their fullest potential. A presentation for employees, executives and entrepreneurs.

Conductor Peter Stangel – if so desired, together with his Munich orchestra called taschenphilharmonie, the world’s smallest symphony orchestra, which is famous all over Germany – demonstrates step by step how these highly complex processes work.

The keynote of orchestra director Peter Stangel is a perfect introduction to a workshop on subjects such as teambuilding, communication and excellence – an interesting and extraordinary approach to the subject for the upper management. Taking up the baton themselves and experiencing „real time leadership“ first hand, will make a lasting impression on the participants.

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