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What is left of our car industry?

Lecture by
Dr. oec. Hans-Peter Kleebinder

Lecture contents

  • Why and how is digitalization revolutionizing the global mobility industry? 
  • How is China developing and how much German engineering is involved in Made in China?
  • How can Germany successfully transform itself from a car country to a mobility country? 

What is left of our car industry?

Can the German automotive and supplier industry still be saved? The automotive industry is still the leading sector, driver and flagship of the German economy. With climate protection, alternative drive technologies, digitalization and changing mobility behavior, the industry is facing its greatest challenge. So where do we go from here? How can the transformation of the German automotive and supplier industry succeed?
At the same time, Hans-Peter Kleebinder also clearly addresses the elephant in the room: China. Is the republic on its way to becoming the world's leading car nation? And how much German engineering expertise is there in Made in China?
The mobility expert's clear recommendation: Now is the time to act boldly and decide quickly! Companies must set the course now in order to successfully manage the inevitable change. Politicians at all levels are called upon to create the appropriate framework conditions in order to benefit from the opportunities that arise in the future. 
In his highly informative and inspiring presentation for the automotive and supplier industry, Hans-Peter Kleebinder outlines the challenges of the coming years and at the same time provides positive and promising new mobility approaches and examples . For Kleebinder, an independent expert on future mobility, one thing is clear: The German automotive industry has the best chances for the future if it becomes even more innovative and sustainable. Because one thing is clear: Its economic footprint will change. Germany as a car country is transforming into Germany as a mobility country.