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How to be a winner - the clear path to consistent, ongoing improvement

Over the past 20 years, Yehuda Shinar has been investigating the phenomenon of Winning through interviews and intense work with organizations and managers. The leap into Shinar's research on Winning began as part of the ´greenhouse` program of Israel's Chief Scientist.

  • Who is a Winner?
  • What makes someone a Winner?
  • How do Winners manage to generate a series of repeated successes?

Following the studies he conducted with the support of Israel's Chief Scientist and his work with leading organizations both in Israel and elsewhere, Yehuda Shinar reveals in his lecture that being a Winner is not just about the natural talent a person has in a particular field, but rather it is a pattern of behavior and overall conduct that can be acquired and further developed as a pure skill!

The lecture presents an applicable and very practical method that explains on the one hand what underlies the ability of Winners to keep on breaking their own records (´Personal Best`) and generate and maintain victories, excellence and successes, and on the other, how Winners are able to pinpoint and thus halt any erroneous patterns of behavior, avoid repeated failure, and demonstrate a state of ongoing, consistent improvement.

Shinar's lecture presents a very methodical ´common sense` mechanism for optimal self-management entitled as ´Being your own coach`, supported by 12 principles (´guidelines`) for optimal decision making – even in the face of what might seem a lost cause. At the same time he describes the Winners’ ultimate method of self-debriefing which excels in the simplicity of its effectiveness.

Shinar's presentation of his model for Winning illustrates how it fits many different content areas, bringing it completely down to earth in a very pragmatic manner: every element of the Winning model is acquirable, can be studied, internalized and empowered.

In short, Winning is a nothing more than a skill, and making it one's own culture at the individual level requires merely getting to know its principles, understanding how to apply them in daily life, and the willingness to literally live by them. This lecture thus aims to demonstrate, encourage and strengthen motivation and the self-belief that becoming a Winner is entirely within a reach for any one.

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