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What’s next in Social Media?

Lecture by
Collin Croome

What’s next in Social Media?

Lecture contents

  • What are the current social media trends?
  • How do I build a suitable social media strategy?
  • The optimal interaction of social media, website, blog, SEO and SEA.

What’s next in Social Media?

Most companies today use social media as part of their marketing strategy. However, many still lack a clearly defined social media strategy, traceable results and a clear plan.

But the social media landscape is becoming more complex and, above all, faster: new platforms like TikTok, Twitch and Discord are rapidly expanding their user base and gaining more and more importance and influence. They complement the big social networks such as Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube, and some people wonder whether Facebook and XING are even relevant today and where they should invest their precious time and scarce budget in a targeted way.

Experienced social media expert and keynote speaker Collin Croome has been actively involved with social media on a daily basis since 2007 and implements successful social media strategies and customised campaigns for a variety of well-known brands and clients in his own agency.

In his exciting and visually powerful presentations, the internet pioneer makes it clear what really matters today and gives clear instructions on how you as a company can effectively use the enormous opportunities to achieve more reach, visibility and engagement with your B2C or B2B target group. Collin creates clarity, gives concrete instructions for action and inspires your audience.

We are happy to tailor the topics and content of the talk to your needs and audience.

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