Why do People and Companies fail?

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“I was always fascinated and intrigued with stories about climbing Mt. Everest - As for me it is the absolute exalted symbol for the human spirit and physical struggle for goals achieving. I believe climbing Mount Everest presents a universal, ancient, basic, and burning desire to conquer and win – therefore, for me forever will remain a symbol for failure and victory.”

Based on her Mount Everest philosophy Sigal Weisswasser offers refreshing perspectives, insights and workable result bringing tools for goals achieving in business & life.


  • What makes people successful - and others fail  
  • Are you cut for success
  • How to recognize growth destroyers
  • The successful losers
  • Dancing tango with negativity
  • From wish to reality - does it really work
  • What will it take to create and achieve YOUR success
  • Successful people unique time watch
  • Growing happy businesses
  • Being Aladdin – seeking for your Genie
  • Good business you do with companies – great business you do with people 

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