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As a rule, humans do not even exhaust ten percent of their mental capacity. In this lecture on goal achievement, you will learn how to make full use of your potential. As an endurance runner, Norman Buecher knows that in an extreme race, 80% of the race happens in the mind and therefore decides on success or defeat. Mental strength decides whether you arrive or give up, whether you reach your goal or fail. This is the parallel between extreme sports and business: In this exciting and visually stunning lecture on goal achievement, managers and teams learn how self-motivation grows, willpower increases, and mental strength contributes to goal achievements.

    Endurance runner and Global Topspeaker Norman Buecher cleverly bridges the gap between business and extreme sports and conveys successful behaviour in extreme situations. In his lecture on the topic of goal achievement, he gives simple but also concise tips on how to increase concentration and shows how decisive the success factor willower is. At the same time, the lecture on goal attainment is not only informative, but also entertaining through extraordinary stories and fascinating pictures.

    Willpower, motivation and top performance are part of everyday life for endurance runner Norman Buecher. The Global Topspeaker lives his advice, which is why he succeeds in an incomparable way to inspire and motivate team, managers and customers and to spur them on to top performances with his lecture on the topic of goal achievement. Especially in times of change these skills are crucial for the success of a company.

    Contents of the lecture:

    • Achieving goals through better questions
    • The own attitude decides on victory or defeat
    • “I want”: the number one success factor
    • Introduce – visualize – achieve goals better
    • Only the next step counts: Concentration on the essential

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