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With tact and baton - leading like a conductor

Lecture by
Peter Stangel

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With tact and baton - leading like a conductor

With tact and baton - leading like a conductor

Conducting a classical orchestra is leadership par excellence and contrary to a business, you get immediate results! In his thrilling and entertaining keynote, conductor and Global Topspeaker Peter Stangel explains what business leaders can learn from conductors about leadership.

What executives, teams and employees learn can from conductors?

There is probably no leadership situation more fascinating than the conductor’s: standing on the podium, commanding hundreds of musicians and singers only by moving a baton is simply captivating – who would not love to experience that first hand?

In this keynote, conductor and communication coach Peter Stangel presents the essence of 20 years of professional experience with various orchestras in a nutshell and works out four golden rules that are the basis for any kind of good leadership.

Learn from the maestros of the great orchestras and watch how they lead a team to peak performance.

•„.... Contrary to other management tasks, the leader gets a response in real time – the orchestra will react immediately to any wrong move the conductor makes...“

•„ ... The musician immediately react to a mistake – poor communication, for instance, immediately results in a „shaky“ entry or even a missed cue. If musicians do not feel appreciated, you can tell from their music that the mood is bad…“

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