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Norman Bücher’s Extreme Sport Project „Run-to-the-Rock“ hits the Media

Keynote Speaker Norman Bücher is going to start his new extreme adventure this coming April. His plan: To cross the Australian outback afoot. On a distance of 1120 kilometers. Meaning 80 kms a day. Meaning nearly running two full marathons on a daily basis. His goal: The famous Ayers Rock. During this extreme walk Norman will be accompanied only by a photographer, a cameraman and his physiotherapist.

No surprise that media take a huge interest in this fascinating project. The „Harvard Business Manager online" dedicates a motivating two pages to the „Run-to-the-Rock project", including a spectacular photo gallery section. 

Wissen + Karriere, magazine for personality development, motivation, education and training, explains in an extensive article written by Norman how managers can learn from these kind of extreme sport adventures. 

The Global Topspeakers Team is looking forward to more coverage to come concerning this exciting project and will keep you posted accordingly.