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Norman Bücher - Triumphal Arrival at the Ayers Rock

Norman Bücher erreicht den Ayers Rock

Global Topspeakers proudly announce Norman Bücher’s successful arrival at the Ayers Rock in Australia. The Global Top Speaker reached the famous Red Rock on May 6th, 2012 after having crossed the Australian outback afoot. We are deeply impressed by this mental and physical outstanding performance!

On Sunday afternoon we received a text message from Norman’s photographer delivering the latest news. Norman arrived exhausted, but extremely happy at Uluru, how the aborigines call the famous Ayers Rock. It was a highly emotional finish for especially Norman, but also the rest oft the team. The rock greeted them with gorgeous weather and a bright blue sky.

During the next days Norman and his team will recover in Australia and spend some relaxing days in the outback. We will receive photo material and more information on „Run to the Rock“ during the coming days.

„Run to the Rock“ has been carefully prepared and planned for a very long time. The run started on April 22nd in Laverton in Western Australia. Norman ran 1120 km during two weeks. This means a distance of 80 km - nearly tow marathons per day! His biggest challenge so far! During “Run to the Rock” Norman Bücher was accompanied by a cameraman, a photographer and very importantly – his physiotherapist.

The Team at Global Topspeakers is looking forward to having Norman back in Europe quite soon and hearing about his big Australian adventure. The entire experience will also be subject of his new keynote speech “Extreme”.