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Learning from Star Trek - new Global Topspeaker Dr. Hubert Zitt

Dr. Hubert Zitt - Star Trek Experte

Complex science can be entertaining as well - the evidence therefore are the lectures of Dr. Hubert Zitt which can be booked via Global Topspeakers. The electrical engineer and associate professor of computer engineering at the ´Fachhochschule Kaiserslautern` investigates operations and phenomenons of Star Trek and other science fiction movies with regard to physical and technical producibility nowadays.

His lectures titled ´To beam or not to beam?´ or ´Technical Visions of Star Trek` are both lively and informative and fascinate laypersons and physics experts likewise.

Zitt highlights also the sociological backgrounds of Star Trek and watches Mr. Spock & Co. in detail by analyzing their instruments, machines and communication methods as to suitability for daily use. His first lecture on this topic was in 1996 and was followed by numerous courses in the USA and at German universities, at congresses, conferences and company events.

Zitt's lectures - with appealing movie cuttings from the Star Trek episods - apply as brilliant introduction and mind opener on symposia or as conclusion and prospect at future and innovation congresses.