5 Sterne Redner

Sport Stacking: Boris Nikolai Konrad is World Champion again!

5 Sterne Redner und Trainer Boris N. Konrad auf der Messe mit Speed Stacking

This April the  World Championships in Sport Stacking took place  in Butzbach / Germany. It was first time that some 250 participants from 19 countries traveled away to compete outside the USA.

Sport stacking is a pretty new sport from the U.S. Specific plastic cups, called speed stacks, have to be stack and restack as soon as possible. 5 star speaker Boris Nikolai Konrad was one of the participants in the World Cup.

Sport stacking has many positive effects, making training not only on reaction speed or hand-eye coordination, but also impact on cognitive performance. This has been prooved by several scientific studies.

For this reason, memory trainer Boris Nikolai Konrad loves the speed stacking. "In World Championships fun and sports are in the foreground," he says. As a member of the German team Konrad has helped to organize the World Cup in his home country.

In cup stacking, young people are usually faster than the adults. So it was a pleasant surprise, that two German teams in the age group 19 + reached the top 10. Konrad himself won the world championship with his team and is also vice-world champion in the individual category in his age group. Congratulations!