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America's cup winner Neidhart presents „Go hard or go home“

Portrait von Dominic Neidhart

Sailing professional Dominik Neidhart, who joined Global Topspeakers in 2011, now presents his new lecture in English, too. “Go hard or go home” is about  the ability to work in a team, to get along with people from different cultures on a very tight space and to lean on each other.

Neidhart has experienced all that on board, when he was the "grinder" on the Alinghi racing yacht. Few people are truly aware of the extreme situations a team can get into when left to their own devices on the ocean at the mercy of tough weather conditions.

Neidhart now transfers his experience from sailing onto employees and team leaders in business units. On board the failure of any one member of the team can bring down the whole project and put the whole team in great danger. Communication must be extremely fast and clear for all tasks to be carried out immediately and without error.

In the business environment it´s not about live or die but without clear communication, discipline and strength it often is also not possible to reach the goals.

Neidhart`s enthusiasm for his sport and his topic is catching. His lectures are inspiring, practical and illustrated by impressive pictures. 

His topics team, management, leadership and motivation and his five step concept from the challenger to the winning type get the best feedback from the participants of his lectures.