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Comedy entertainer David Deeble

Stand-Up Comedian David Deeble

The business landscape is changing quickly. People are confused. Companies increasingly find themselves working within an international milieu which breeds cultural confusion, mistaken assumptions and unsanitary cooking surfaces - and that's just the good news.

Since 2008, David Deeble has been part of an international team dedicated to the economic, personal and emotional development of its members: he married a German. Whether it's learning to drive as fast in reverse as his wife does or being scolded by his bilinugual 4-year old over his inability to say "schleichen", David's funny, surprising and sometimes-exasperatig stories about being tied by blood and marriage to people from a different culture elicit laughter of recognition that makes merely working in such an environment seem easy in comparison.

David is also the creator of "An Unnatural Act" - a whirlwind display of exotic skills with laugh-out-loud commentary. He kicks coins into his eye socket, extinguishes flaming marshmallows with his mouth and - as if that weren't enough - accompanies it all with hilarious asides: "All that talent and I'm also a notary." Best known for his grocery-sack juggling routine on "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno", his other t.v. appearances include "America's Got Talent!" and "Last Comic Standing". He also appears regularly at The Comedy & Magic Club and emcees the Palace showroom at The Magic Castle in Hollywood. Dave's engaging style, audience-savvy and intelligent humor spread grease-fire laughter at world-class venues around the world.


Global Top Speaker David works with event planners to promote products, services, themes and memes. Be it a new advertising campaign or the celebration of a personal milestone, David’s comedy gets people talking by getting them laughing.


Dave collaborates with you to pin down precisely what you want talking about. He then prepares and performs his unique, endearing and laugh-out-loud comedy to generate buzz. Upon request, he'll even bash your company's competition!

People love to laugh! And few elicit hysterical laughter like David Deeble. With his easygoing style, sharp-witted material and  extraordinarily unique skills, David brings worldclass comedy entertainment to corporate events throughout North American and Europe.