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Global Topspeaker Richard de Hoop goes international

Der singende Entert®ainer aus Holland, Richard de Hoop erobert nach Holland und Deutschland nun die internationalen Bühnen.

Entertainer Richard de Hoop from Holland now conquers the international markets after his big successes in the Netherlands and in Germany. 

On November 22nd he rocked the stage in Dubai with his entertaining and passionate Keynote „The Music plays in Sales – How to rock your Sales Forces“. 

His fascinated public: International Pharma-Industry Experts. In Dubai Richard got logistic support from Christian Berglehner, the U.A.E. Global Topspeakers representative. 

In February 2013 Richard is scheduled to fly out to the US for another of his brilliant speeches. “From Solist to full, melodious orchestra” will give deep insights how to build harmonious and really functioning teams based on the metaphor of music. The exact location of this event will be confirmed soon. 

We are looking forward to photos and live-reports from both events!