Global Top Speaker Dominique Görlitz becomes Ph. D.

He crossed the sea in a reed boat, he traveled in prehistoric ships through space and time - and he shares his experiences with executives. The Global Top Speaker team is pleased to announce that Dominique Görlitz is now PhD.

Congratulations! His thesis on transatlantic cultural exchange is now available in bookstores. The book titled "Prehistoric dispersal mechanisms transatlantic common crops" should become the standard work on strange nicotine and cocaine discoveries in ancient Egypt. The 115 pages include fascinating facts about prehistoric seafaring, cultural exchange and migration. 

"Unlike Thor Heyerdahl or Erich von Daniken, the ethnographic study makes us aware that not only the ancient Egyptians nor aliens are responsible for the enormous cultural achievements of the early period. It was the people of the past who have invented a large number of  new things,” Görlitz points out.

The dissertation is an important step towards new and innovative research. It shows that a new way of thinking leads to new insights and discoveries. The book is available from Dr. Dominique Görlitz via our shop.