Applause for new Global Topspeaker Ryk Neethling

Speaker Ryk Neethling while lecturing

Global Topspeakers is delighted to announce: Olympic Gold Medallist Entrepreneur 
Ryk Neethling has joined our international speaker’s group.

The exceptional Keynote Speaker Ryk Neethling is one of the most successful intercollegiate swimmers in history: he won an Olympic gold medal in the 4×100 m freestyle relay at the 2004 Summer Olympics. Furthermore he is the former joint owner of the 4×100 m freestyle relay world record and holds several South African records.

Sportsman Ryk Neethling is also the founder of of the Swimming Stars™ Learn to Swim Schools where young South Africans are taught recent swimming techniques. The Global Topspeaker also manages several other athletes and takes care of their personal and sportive development.

Ryk is a highly acclaimed keynote speaker and motivator who travels the world on a personal mission to inspire his audiences to pursue their dreams. - His public adores his fascinating lectures. 

Global Topspeakers are happy to have this famous and outstanding speaker and sport expert on board!

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