Global Topspeakers excited about speaker awards 2015

5 Sterne Rednerpreise an die herausragendsten Referenten in 2015 verliehen.

The speaker agency Global Topspeakers awards their most excellent speakers in 2015. The jury, consisting of five professional experts in their field, elected the awardees of the devoutly desired trophies in the speaker department.

Global Topspeakers annually bestows a trophy in shape of a speaker award upon their best speakers of the year. The awards are granted in the categories of “Best Brand”, “Best Newcomer”, “Most exceptional speaker”, “Best Media”, “Best Performer” as well as “Best Perfomer Trainer”. For the first time the category “Innovation Award” has been introduced.

“The Global Topspeakers awards present our best performers to our clients in each variety of different categories while being a commendation and an incentive for our speakers”, said speaker entrepreneur Heinrich Kürzeder, owner of Global Topspeakers.

The speaker award „Best Brand“ has been given to Steve Kroeger due to his harmonious and coherent appearance and his lucid and sophisticated presentation as a personal trade mark. The mental coach and mountaineer is living the dream of many climbers, to overcome the seven highest peaks of the earth. In his discourses the keynote speaker teaches not only how to reach the highest summits with motivation and a success oriented mind, but also how to easily prevail in the challenges of every day.

The award „Best Newcomer“ went to the Olympic and world luge champion Natalie Geisenberger. She accomplished everything an athlete can dream of, double Olympic championship, multiple world and Europe championship in addition to repeated German championship. The luger won the women’s world cup even thrice. Today she passes on her experience in team spirit, solidarity and motivation via several speeches and discourses.

The award in the category „Best Perfomer Speaker“ has been accorded to Hermann Scherer in order to honor him for his great, continual and ever professional performance on the stage. The life of the successful manager, marketing genius and motivator testifies an astonishing career, displaying competence, assertiveness, know-how and a ceaseless iteration of new goals.

The race in the category „Most exceptional speaker“ led to a draw in the end. Thus, the disabled sportsman Felix Brunner as well as mentalist Bodo Lorenzen received the award of this category. As the first wheelchair user of all time Felix Brunner traversed in summer 2013 the Alps off-road with just a handcycle. Bodo Lorenzen inspires for more than 25 years with his interactive lectures in topics such as intuition, empathy, mental communication and their significance in times of ever growing digitalization and required performance.

The marketing expert Dominic Multerer has also been awarded with the trophy “Best Media” due to his successful media strategy and his continual expertise and harmonious presence in the field of print- and online-media in addition to social media.

For the first time the „Innovation Award“ has been bestowed this year – the award went to Heinrich Kürzeder owing to his long lasting and innovative creation of a variety of different ideas and formats concerning the business and the constitution of Global Topspeakers. The speaker entrepreneur Heinrich Kürzeder stands for new and creative ideas in his field like nobody else, according to the jury.

The award „Best Performance Trainer“ has been given to Brigitte Bösenkopf. For years she has been very successful as economy manager and expert on burnout in service of many corporations.

The Global Topspeakers awards for the „speakers of the year“ are assigned annually and represent one of the highlights at the end of each corporate year of Global Topspeakers.

Left to right in the picture: Heinrich Kürzeder, Bodo Lorenzen, Felix Brunner, Dr. Brigitte Bösenkopf, Steve Kroeger

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